Mariam T presents Cherub: Tales of Love and Loss from America’s Sweetheart

In her second one woman show Cherub: Tales of Love and Loss from America’s Sweetheart, Mariam takes us on a journey through love and loss the way only San Diego’s crankiest drag queen could. Mariam T uses genius comedic storytelling, dead on celebrity impressions, and lively lip syncs will entertain and delight her audience. Cherub is a hilariously vulnerable show about the love life of a drag queen.


“Mariam T is a comedy Genius! I adore her and can’t recommend her show enough. She is my favorite Drag Queen”

Vanessa Valiente

Hailing from a small farming town in Arkansas, Mariam T is celebrating her 10th year of being a San Diegan. Mariam T is lovingly referred to as San Diego’s crankiest drag queen. An insult comic at heart,  with loads of southern charm, rhinestones and delicately coiffed hair, NO ONE is safe from her razor sharp wit and cunning observations. Mariam lives by a strict philosophy, “Everyone wants to be made fun of, they just haven’t been made fun of by the right drag queen” and she believes that she is the drag queen to do it. Mariam has become a staple in the drag scene in Southern California. She is the house queen of Urban MO’s, the bingo queen of Gossip Grill, she produces comedy and burlesque shows and even dabbles in show tunes. There’s a little bit for everyone with Mariam, and plenty to go around.

While always pointing out her own flaws and inviting the audience to laugh both with and at her; she will delight you in a night of belly laughs and charming stories and songs. Dont miss Cherub: Stories of Love and Loss July 2nd 9pm at Diversionary Theater as part of the Impride Festival